SJ MOVIE DBTM is not yet released.
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SJMOVIEDB Main Screen SJMOVIEDB Detailed Screen
This is the main screen displaying the generic information about the movie, like its title, its media type, the soundtracks, the surround type, the cover, etc.. Each specific information is available for all movies.
As an example here, you can see the DVD features as well as the studio or the movie category options, its web link (if any)...
SJMOVIEDB Sound Options Screen SJMOVIEDB Name Manager Screen
The Sound/Video panel displays all technical information about your movie, whether it is mono, stereo, surround, DTS, as well as the aspect ratio of the picture (4:3, widescreen, 16:9 enhanced)... MovieDBTM helps you in managing the names of the actors, directors and screenwriters in order to avoid to have to type them in for each movie. It is just a drag and drop away to store the names into the database.
If you're connected to the Internet, you also can retrieve that information automatically so you don't have to type anything (as long as the movie is stored in the SJMovieDBTM online database).
If the information isn't available, just type in the information yourself and submit it to the SJMovieDBTM online database) to share it with other users.
SJMOVIEDB Media Type Screen SJMOVIEDB Movie Review Screen
For each movie you have acquired, you can store its release or purchase date, the number of chapters (Laser and DVD), etc... MovieDBTM lets you store your own comments or the ones of your favorite movie reviewer. Add your rating (up to 4 stars) as well as your reviewer or newspaper rating!
SJMOVIEDB Settings Screen
The settings window let you customize the application, the way it looks, the database he manages, etc... Want to filter the view? Easy to do.
You either can show only VHS, or only LaserDisc or DVD, or any combination of them.
If you're a powerful user, you can ask MovieDBTM to display only the movies you want, based on powerful yet easy to use filter criteria, like "show me only Zone 1 DVD with French subtitles featuring Al Pacino"! It's easy!
Also, you can navigate through lists to get immediate easy browsing capabilities. Naturally you can print your catalogs in 4 different formats, as well as export it to the Web to be shared with your friends!
Groovy Baby, isn't it?
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